Sophie Flannery Prune Vergères


Dancer Kollektiv 52°07

2017 – today           International Freelance Dancer
2017 Oper Graz
2014 – 2016 Hessisches Staatsballett Wiesbaden
2010 – 2014 Hamburg Ballet John Neumeier
2006 – 2010 Hamburg Ballet School
Bachelor in Arts & Humanities with OU
Founder & Manager of Kollektiv 52°07

Danced in pieces of: John Neumeier, Alexander Ekman, Vaslav Kunes, Richard Siegel, Marguerite Donlon, Itzik Galili, Crystal Pite, Mats Ek, Edward Clug, Lillian Stillwell, Tim Plegge, Jörg Weinhöhl, Helge Letonja, Peter Leoung and more.



Flannery stands for; born in San Francisco. Prune for plum. Passionated.

Danse. Enthusiast. Dedicated. Workaholic. Unpatient. Loving. Flirty. Talkativ. Hiperactiv. Ulkig. Sensibel. Traveling. Adventure. Going around the world. Langauges. Culture. People. Sun. By snow, everyone knows me with my red french hat.

Cheese and Aare - Truly.

Ballet every morning, because it feels like home. Always seeking for new opportunities. Just a girl embracing life as much as she can and living it fully and following her heart.