Romane Petit

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Dancer Kollektiv52°07

2018 – today           International Freelance Dancer
2018 Deutsche Tanzkompagnie, Cie Sun of Shade
2015 – 2017 Skånes Dansteater
2013 – 2015 Codarts
2011 – 2013 Ballet Junior de Genève

Danced in pieces of: Julia Maria Koch, David Larri, Anthony Hamilton, Alexander Ekman, Ben Wright, Lucy Guerin, William Forsythe, Jan Martens, Lillian Stillwell and more.



If you could hear what I hear, you would hear: ”you are from France ? no?". Gemini not by choice and even less by hasard. Meaning: having the ability to pass from extreme feelings as happy/sad - positive/negative in one day. Bipolar ? No. Passionated. Addicted. Stage lover. Determined. Impatient. Love for details. On my bike, chasing for... Grew up close to the ocean; I see my life as doing the duck to reach the pick of the wave.