Pictures by:
Laurence Chaperon & Dieter Hartwig



“Bird”, — the ultimate migrator that can adapt to constantly changing environments — is a culturally relevant project that aims to awaken questions that lie within every human.

As artists we are constantly migrating, shifting from place to place. The piece carries an abstract story in an unknown place. We see a journey in which the stories of the six characters interact, carrying with them their own experiences and individual personalities. These interactions create new relationships, whilst forcing these characters to question their own identities. The atmosphere of the piece fluctuates through different states: The subjectivity of the individual vs. the global evolution, the daily routine vs. the hope for freedom and the fragility of the singular in need of community.

Do we follow love? Do we give up freedom for security? What happens when there is no balance? What happens to the individual identity when change occurs? What do we gain and/or loose from the identity?

PREMIERE Switzerland 28.SEP 2018 at Turnhalle Progr. Shows. 29th & 30th.
PREMIERE Germany 13. DEC. 2018 at ACUD Theatre. Shows: 14th & 15th

Concept & Idea: Kollektiv 52°07
Choreographie & Dance: Sara Enrich Bertran, Javier Ferrer Machin, Romane Petit, Malcolm Sutherland and Sophie Vergères
Music: Hrdur Már Bjarnason



- Stunde Null -

A deserted space, a clean slate, a featureless mind, a silent scream, a space to be shaped, a voice to be raised. Something emerges, something to feel, something to be seen, something to be said, reborn. Another life, a togetherness. At the end, expectant silence.

A promotional shortfilm made by the talented filmmaker Bowie Verschurren for and with the Kollektiv 52°07.
– 1. July 2018