Javier Ferrer Machin


Dancer Kollektiv 52°07

2013 – today International Freelance Dancer
2011 – 2013 TenerifeDanzaLab, Pedagogical and Choreographic Laboratory Dance Company
2008 – 2011 Provisional Dance Company
2005 – 2008 10/10 Dance Company

Danced in different projects with choreographers as, Tino Fernandez with the company L´xplose, White Horse Collective, Pablo Esbert, Jose Reches, Yeri Anarika, Anderplatz Collective, Sharmini Tharatman, Faizal Zeghoudi, Company UnitedFall with Emma Martin, Ma Collective.

Choreographer in choreography as Dry, Old Stone, Make Up, Few Colours, Skin, Two Shores, Ruín, Acid and Old Rock



My pupil and my ear developed between volcanoes and an ocean hitting and sculpting the island where I was born. Raised by the sea, today I explore drawing with my body the complex shapes of a dived body. Trained on the beach, in the trees, in the puddles, in the park, today I play with the limits of gravity. Respectful of my surroundings. It's always my fault and I'm never right. I like to give smiles, many, all, I look silly. I like to live things in a simple way, but totally addicted in the sickest way to adrenaline.

– Javier