Hördur Már Bjarnason


Musician Kollektiv 52°07

2018 Music project “Truly Countless Bodies”
2015 Soundtracks “Zenit:Nadir” & “Charon” Hither & Thither” choreography by Julia Koch
2015 Co production and vocal work on “Tonic Ensembles” Album Snapshot
2012 – 2015 Live-performance - vocals and electronics with ‘Tonik Ensemble’
2013 Live-performance - drums and electronics with the band ‘Nolo’
2014 Solo production project ‘M-Band’ full length album ‘Haust’
2012 Vocal work on ‘Retrobot’ album ‘EP’
2012 Solo production project ‘M-Band’ album ‘EP’


‘M-Band’s ‘Haust’ nominated to DV Cultural Awards 2015
‘M-Band’s ‘Haust’ Top Ten ‘Albums of the Year, Fréttablaðið 2015
‘M-Band’s ‘Haust’ ‘Album of the Year’ e Reykjavik Grapevine’s Music Awards, 2015



I wish to keep my music and my life as two completely separate things.

The place I travel to mostly nowadays when I produce is full of anger and sadness. It's unsettling and upsetting. It fills my body with adrenaline. It rewards me with endorphin. There, I have the freedom to visit the child I was. The animal that I am. The mass murderer I possibly could have been.

My life on the other hand is quite simple and quiet. I´m tall and skinny. I cycle my bike a lot. I like running and I like chocolate. I drink too much coffee. I talk to my mum on weekly bases. She likes to play golf. I can't complain - life is rather nice.